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Projector Ricoh PJ X2150

Ricoh PJ X2150 is a multi-use projector perfect for displaying fine detail like Excel spreadsheets. This versatile device offers a clean, sharp display and, at just 2.37kg, it’s as portable as it is easy to use. The PJ X2340 is more than just a reliable projector available at an affordable price. Your total cost of ownership is also low thanks to Ricoh’s environmentally friendly Eco-mode, which gives you three energy-saving settings to help you lower your energy consumption.
1 155.60 лв. (BGN)

Short-throw projector Ricoh PJ K360

Ricoh PJ K360 is powered by Ricoh's unique NCE technology. NCE technique for increasing the picture quality and the introduction of color management technologies, including hardware and software systems to ensure the color and the input source signal is consistent, so that projection screen colors more real and natural, perfect. NCE technology through color correction and compensation, can significantly improve the color gamut coverage, in red / green / blue three primary colors, but added the yellow, magenta and cyan, creating a natural true colors and crystal clear and thorough version of high-definition video, creating a real and more gorgeous visual effects, allowing teachers to have a better effect in the teaching demonstration to attract students' attention, in order to better integrate into classroom learning.
1 369.20 лв. (BGN)