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4GB SODIMM DDR4 2133 MHz SK Hynix 1.35V
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AXIS 211 IP Camera

The AXIS 211 Network Camera is designed for professional indoor security surveillance and remote monitoring. It provides superior image quality using progressive scan and offers built-in support for Power over Ethernet, motion detection and advanced event management. The AXIS 211 can deliver Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 video streams simultaneously, allowing for optimization in image quality and bandwidth. The MPEG-4 compression mode is ideal for applications where available bandwidth is restricted and higher frame rates are required. With built-in support for Power over Ethernet, the AXIS 211 is able to receive power through a network cable, which reduces installation cost and enables users to increase their security by consolidating the power source to a central location. The AXIS 211 fully supports the IEEE 802.3af standard and works with compliant midspans and switches. With Power over Ethernet, an Axis network camera can be set up in a way that enables it to continue to function even when there is a power failure.
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Communication Frame LD-7342-T 42U

42U, 19" communication frame
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Infrared Multitouch Interactive Whiteboard Watchboard HCI-Q-70 (4:3)

Infrared interactive whiteboard for kindergaten, preschool teaching needs and children's entertainment rooms, focusing on the requirements of use environment. - Most important - the hardware such as interactive panels and brackets are uniquely designed environmental friendly, no harm for children. Supports finger touch for 4 users. Finger or any opaque object can replace mouse functions of double click, click, and right click, and achieve interactive education functions with Watchboard software. Special product suitable for kids in kindergarden, preschool and children's entertainment rooms, due to rounded corners design.
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Tablet Teclast P80H 8" IPS

CPU: MTK8163 64bit Quad Core 1.3GHz is equipped with better performance, delivering plenty of power for multitasking and fueling casual games and movies GPU: Sapphire 650 RAM + ROM: 1GB + 8GB Dual-band 2.4G / 5G WiFi: Allows you to connect to the Web while within range of an available wireless network TF card: Up to 32GB (not included) 8 inch screen: 1280 x 800 WXGA IPS screen offers good experience for watching videos and browsing the Web Android 5.1 system: The latest system with more excellent interface, compatibility and running effect Bluetooth 4.0: Supports fast transmission of data, pictures and files GPS function: Frees you from getting lost in street and the world is your oyster with the locating system HDMI output: You could use a HDMI cable to connect your tablet to output the tablet display onto TV screens, monitors or projectors, creating your personal home theater OTG function: Can connect with keyboard, mouse, projector and so on Gravity sensing system: Can fluently and sensitively run various applications Other functions: WiFi/MP3/MP4/Calendar/Calculator/ supported
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ZyXEL NSA310 1-Bay Media Server

Simply Play Media Server for Streaming and Sharing Multimedia. The ZyXEL NSA310, a compact one-bay media server, is an easy-to-use storage device that simplifies large file transfers, backups and multimedia streaming services. Easily enjoy HD videos and music everywhere With a powerful CPU and ample memory, the NSA310 1-Bay Media Server can easily stream HD multimedia to different UPnP and DLNA-certified devices such as the Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PS3 and DLNA TV in every room at home simultaneously. Acting as an iTunes server and SqueezeCenter, the NSA310 can make it easy to stream music on PCs, laptops, and SqueezeBoxes. Share with your family over home network Want to share the photos and videos taken in family trips or your children’s birthday parties stored in your laptop or PC? Just store all of your favorite photos, music, videos from your PC to the NSA310, as your centralized digital media library, and your family can immediately access the files on their laptops and tablet PCs over your home network. Share with your friends in a snap What if you want to share the photos or videos you just taken with your friends? Without powering up your PC or laptop, just plug your digital cameras, smart phones or USB mass storage devices into the NSA310’s USB ports and push the copy/sync button* to save the photos and videos in the NSA310. Few minutes later, your newly-added photos and videos will be automatically uploaded by the NSA310 to the social media sites like Flickr and YouTube and ready to share with your friends!
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